So it begins…

If you’re reading this, either you know me and I’ve told you about this, or the Google machine has brought you here and now you’re expecting to read something interesting.

I’ve been threatening to start a blog for a very long time. I even own two domain names, which I haven’t used for websites yet. My laziness usually gets the better of me, though, because setting up a blog is effort and I’m not very good at effort. But here we are, on my blog. I can’t believe it either 😛

The plan is to write about my various electronics projects, experiences (reviews and build guides) as well as random other day-to-day stuff I decide I’d like to share. I also plan on consolidating and adding my previous projects which have been posted in various places.

All content will be my own unless otherwise noted, and I encourage feedback and constructive criticism. I’m here to share what I learn, so I will never guarantee that everything I say is absolute.

With all of that being said, welcome.

On a quiet side-note, I have to confess that this was made easier by the fact that I really like this year’s default WordPress theme. Finding a theme always seems be half of the battle.